Prolotherapy is an innovative technique that relieves pain by directly impacting the underlying condition causing that pain.

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Infinity Regenerative Medicine offers Prolotherapy as an alternative solution to invasive surgery for patients suffering from a wide range of degenerative conditions and painful injuries such as:

  • Torn Rotator Cuffs
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hip Labral Tears
  • Facet Syndrome (Back & Neck Arthritis)
  • Joint Instability
  • Severe Sprains
  • Chronic Tendinitis

How does Prolotherapy Work?

Prolotherapy treatment helps strengthen and heal strained or damaged tissues by “jump starting” the body's natural repair process. Prolotherapy can help reduce or eliminate pain from degenerated and painful ligamants, tendons or joints. In addition, Prolotherapy can be effective for chronic neck and back pain.

Prolotherapy is a non-surgical procedure that employs multiple, precise injections of dextrose (a sugar-based solution that promotes healing) to the injured site and surrounding areas. These growth-stimulating injections help to decrease downtime and painful rehabilitation associated with surgery.

When injected into the weakened ligaments or tendons that attach to the bone, the Prolotherapy solution starts a controlled, localized inflammation by removing water from the damaged cells. This causes the blood supply and nutrient flow to the area to increase, as well as attracting powerful growth factors and repair cells. It is this response that prompts the injured tissue to heal and regrow, creating new ligament, tendon or cartilage tissue at the injured site.

Multiple treatments encourage additional tissue growth to restore and strengthen the affected area. An individual plan is devised with prolotherapy treatments scheduled every four to six weeks until the healing is complete, and you can return to normal activities without pain.

Expectations & Side Effects

Initially, mild but temporary swelling and stiffness may occur. Some patients see noticeable improvement after the first sessions are completed, while others realize increasing improvement on each successive visit. Research studies show that over 80 percent of people treated with prolotherapy report a good or excellent result. Many of them are permanently cured. Not only do they enjoy simple pleasures again – a good night’s sleep, sitting through a movie, taking a walk – but many also return to physical activities such as soccer, basketball, mountain biking, jogging, skiing, even horseback riding.

Patients usually fall into four recovery groups. The first group has 75-100% relief of their pain after the injections. This is a long-lasting or permanent improvement as well. A second group experiences about 50% relief of pain that lasts 6-12 months. The third group experiences only mild and temporary pain relief. And the fourth group are some patients who show no improvements. Those patients in the last two groups may need a different type of treatment such as PRP or MSC Therapy with extracellular vesicles to get the relief they need.

Patients usually feel fullness, numbness and some minor pain in the areas treated with prolotherapy injections. During the first 24-72 hours after the shots your pain pain may return or increase for a short time. If the treatment is successful the pain usually decreases steadily over approximately 4 weeks.

There have been few reported side effects from prolotherapy. In rare cases, the worst side effect is an infection at the site of an injection. A potential infection will show through fever and pain, and it is usually easy to treat with antibiotics.