HCT/P Therapy

Human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products (HCT/Ps)

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Exosome Therapy

HCT/Ps utilize Wharton's Jelly from the umbilical cord to provide the highest quality tissue support matrix for joints, tendons, ligaments, and other musculoskeletal applications. The umbilical cord tissue is an excellent source of glycoaminoglycans, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, and glucosamine as well as other naturally occurring biological materials in Wharton’s Jelly. This matrix is dense with excellent building blocks like proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and naturally occurring peptides for structural support and repair.

This solution offers these rich biological materials and growth factors while bypassing the need for drawing and spinning of blood, as in PRP therapy. These proteins help naturally occurring MSC’s seek out damage in the body and work to regenerate diseased and damaged tissue, tendons, ligaments, and arthritic joints. This advanced procedure essentially changes the natural breakdown process that occurs on a daily basis from ageing, overuse, and injury.


Human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products (HCT/Ps) consist of human cells or tissues intended for implantation, transplantation, infusion, or transfer into a human recipient. The original samples are obtained from placental and/or umbilical cord tissue that are minimally manipulated into HCT/P allograft intended for human transplant use and/or considered allogenic (from another person) and not autologous (from the patient).


PRP must rely on the body’s own immune system, MSC health, and growth factor surplus to create a successful repair. Because of this, most patients do not experience long-term benefits because they have low innate healing potential. This low innate healing potential is often due to age, injury (which can result in damaged MSCs), poor immune system potential, and growth factor deficiencies. PRP attempts to mimic and extracellular matrix (ECM) but is not truly one as it is made if fibrin, an inflammatory, fibrous, no-globular protein. HCT/P’s extracellular matrix is a three-dimensional structural network consisting of anti-inflammatory growth factors.

Pain is a debilitating condition and educating the patient on their specific condition and working with the patient to locate the source of the pain and reduce it, if not completely eliminate it, is Dr. Browning’s number one objective at Infinity Regenerative Medicine.

If you are suffering from a joint injury, arthritis, spine pain, overuse condition or other degenerative condition, you may be a good candidate for this type of treatment. By targeting the damaged tissue that is causing the pain, HCT/P therapy promotes cartilage and soft tissue healing. This results in improved joint stability, resistance to impact, pain relief, and an increased quality of life.